Cyber Security

Protect your IT hardware, software, and data from online attackers

Many are unaware of Cyber Crimes but these crimes need to be taken seriously. The aim of cybersecurity is to protect IT hardware, software, and data from online attackers. Security risks and advanced persistent threats keep evolving day by day. We often come across security breaches but even small businesses can become victims of viruses and phishing. So it is important for businesses of all sizes and types to implement cybersecurity measures to protect their data. 

Master Service Agreement

A Master Service Agreement (MSA) outlines responsibilities and terms between the signing parties. This agreement helps the parties involved to negotiate future agreements quickly. For example, an MSA will include warranties, work standards, terms of payment, limitations, etc. Here’s what we’ll help you with. 

  • Drafting & Executing Master Service Agreements for Projects.
  • Reviewing commercial terms & conditions in contracts.
  • Defining Scope of Work, timelines
  • Defining KPI, SLA measurement, tools etc…
  • Drafting & reviewing Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Comply agreements with Law of Land.

Legal Cyber Security Employee Awareness Training

It is important to create awareness among employees and train them accordingly so that they can protect themselves and the organization from cyber threats. We can help you with the following.

  • Conducting employee awareness session on cyber security, cyber threat for organisation.
  • Periodic completion of Training.
  • Data Security & Privacy.
  • Defining & Monitoring controls for compliance.
  • Comply with EU Clause for Data Transfer

Employee Misconduct Digital Forensics

Form processing offer letters to employee off-boarding process, here are the solutions we offer


  • Processing offer letters for employees.
  • On/off boarding of employees, access provisioning.
  • Develop policy & procedure for each process.
  • NDA with employee / vendor / third party etc…
  • Carryout forensics investigation incase of evidence to be extracted as per requirement by law.
  • Periodic Monitoring & update for defined policy.

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