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Java Technical Architect role

  • Java Solution Architect for Tech start-ups and SaaS product development in Cloud infrastructure
  • Consulted for Retail, Financial, Realtor industry
  • Understand the business requirements come up with Application architecture, Security architecture, Infrastructure architecture and automating the build, test and delivery process.
  • Extensively worked on JEE, Node based enterprise application architecting and successfully rollout 4 products
  • Responsible for reviewing technology artefacts from the development team and provide inputs.
  • Responsible for reviewing and finalizing the Infrastructure design in the AWS cloud, which will part of cloud eco-system that is being planned
  • Responsible for setting up Jenkins, Cloud formation (AWS) for CI & CD wherever required
SASHITEK Java Mobile Solution Architect Freelancer
  • Java Architect | Solution Architect | Technology Consultant
  • AWS Cloud Server Architect
  • Mobile Application Architect

Java Enterprise Architect Technology Stack

  • JEE (Spring Stack, Hibernate)
  • Enterprise JavaScript (Node.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Flutter)
  • Native and Hybrid Mobile Stack
  • Serverless and Stateless Application Development using various tech stack

Java Solution Architect expert in following Cloud Server Technology

  • AWS Cloud Server Architect
  • Windows Azure
  • Bluemix
  • Google Cloud.

Billing Models

Billing will be done based on client comfort

Java Solution Architect Skills

Database and Architecture
Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, NoSQL (Mongo, Cassandra, Arango), Oracle APEX, etc.,
Application Architecture
Client Server, MVC, MVVC, Serverless, Stateless, Container Based, Horizontal Scaling Apps, etc.,
Server Side Technologies
Node.js, PHP, Python, Go, TypeScript
Java and JEE Stack
Spring, Struts, Hibernate, EJB, Vaadin, Dart, Tomcat, Glassfish, JBoss, etc.,
Data Modelling and Migration
Erwin, Oracle Data Modeller, ER/Studio, Informatica, Talend, Pentaho, etc.,
Client Side Technologies
JavaScript, Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, SAAS, LESS
Mobile Technologies
Android, iOS, Ionic, Flutter
Application Security
Spring Security, Shiro, OWASP
Enterprise Reporting
Jasper Reports, Pentaho, Cognos BI, ELK
Cloud & Monitoring
AWS, Azure, Google, Open Stack,
Dynatrace, DataDog, Icinga2,
Middleware & Messaging
IBM MQ, Rabbit MQ, Redis, Mule ESB, etc
DevOps, CI/CD
Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Docker,
Kubernetes, Bamboo, Harness
Testing Framework
Junit, JMeter, Jasmine, Mocha,
Karma, Jest, Enzyme, NSP,
Open Stack and Other Tools
Alfresco, Selenium, Junit, Jmeter, NPM,
Grunt, Git, SVN, Bower, YML, Yeoman,
Underscore, Gulp, Webpack, etc
Dbase, FoxPro, Pro C, Oracle
Forms, Reports, COBOL, Perl,
ColdFusion, Informix

Project Management Experience

  • Handled team of 100+ resources.
  • Experience in managing both FPP, T & M projects with CMMi practice.
  • Good experience in Project Management lifecycle includes Pre sales, RFP, RFQ, Estimation, Project Governing, Risk Management, Tracking and Monitoring
  • Conducting project team / status meetings regularly with the team and with the clients.
  • Tracking project performance against planned Schedule and Effort.
  • Measuring project performance, progress and forecasting to client and proven ability to work in unison with teams and business owners

Java Solution Architect Per Hour Cost?

The Technical Architect may quote based on business complexity. However, he is flexible with clients to work on budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Java Technical Architect Freelancer

Can I hire Java Architect Freelancer directly and immediately?

Yes. The freelancer is flexible to accept the project. You can connect with the freelancer directly in above contact details to discuss about business requirement.

How to get Java Technical Architect, Node JS, Vue JS, Flutter work profile?

You can download Java Architect Freelancer work profile from the website. The work profile has experience details with completed project implementations. Click here to download.

In what ways Java Solution Architect different from full time employees (FTE)?

The Java Architect Freelancer is flexible in working hours, has experience in project implementations, comfortable to work on multiple roles simultaneously, will do billing only after job completion. Click here to start.

Which work model Java Enterprise Architect prefer?

Java Architect Freelancer prefer Work From Home (WFH) or Work From Remote. Start Now.

In which areas Java Solution Architect is expert?

Java Architect is true thought leader, and an expert in complex distributed systems, high performance applications, cloud computing, data integration, service oriented architecture (SOA), and big systems. Click here to connect.

In which domain Java Enterprise Architect worked?

Java Architect Freelancer has worked in Banking and Insurance domains with companies like Commonwealth Bank, Libereta Financial Services, Deutsche Bank, Standard Charted Bank etc., in UK, Middle East and Asia regions. Click here to download.