Solution 1: Employee Shift Details Report

SASHITEK had a business requirement to analyse employees working shift to process

payroll each month.  The current system is implemented in Oracle Fusion Core HR and

Oracle Time and Labor modules.  Biometric machine is used to track shift details.

SASHITEK Oracle Solution Architect successfully provided a solution to generate

a Oracle OTBI / BI report that has details Person Number, Person Name, Shift Date, Shift

Start Time, Shift End Time, Shift Name, Shift Code and Shift Type.  Shift Type will have

information that Shite Date is Working Day or Week Off. 

The Report Query was created joining Oracle Fusion Core HR and Oracle Time and

Labor Modules Tables.

The report was scheduled to run daily at 9 PM Dubai time.  It will generate a CSV file to

publish at client server.

Solution 2: Employee Final Settlement Report

SASHITEK received a business requirement to generate Employee’s Final settlement

report.  This shall be issued to Employee when he or she separated from the


The report has following sections EMOLUMENTS, LEAVE, IDENTITY, BREAKDOWN OF


EMOLUMENTS has details Description, Basic Salary, Housing Allowance, Fuel Allowance

and other Allowances.

LEAVE has details Leave Duration, Paid Leaves, Unpaid Leaves, Loss of Pay, Balance

Leaves, Accumulated Leaves and other Leaves incase there is any.

IDENTITY has details of Duration throughout the year.

BREAKDOWN OF SETTLEMENT section has consolidation details Basic Salary, All

Allowances, Over Time details, Salary Arrears, Notice Pay, Leave Balances, Identity

Details, Salary Advances, Deductions and Final Pay.

Client existing system was implemented in Oracle Fusion Cloud database.

SASHITEK Oracle Cloud Solution Architect provided a solution to generate a above

report using Oracle OTBI Reports or Oracle BI Reports.  Oracle Solution Architect HCM

and Oracle Solution Architect Finance combined together created a query using Oracle

Fusion HCM and Oracle Fusion Finance tables to generate a report in PDF format.

Oracle Cloud Employee Final Settlement Report was published to Oracle users.  They

can generate the report on demand or scheduled for specific time. This report can be

used for different Legislative Data Group like UAE, United Kingdom (UK), United States

of America (USA), Canada (CAN) and so on..