SASHITEK provides Oracle Fusion Testing As A Service.  Oracle Functional Testing as a

service our QA team more agility to testing.  We have defined end-to-end testing

processes to execute load and/or Oracle Fusion functional test scripts against the cloud


ORACLE FUNCTIONAL TESTING in HCM Finance as a service key capabilities

1. Writing Test Scenarios and Test Scripts. These will be get reviewed from product

product owners. Approved Test Scenarios and Test Scripts will be uploaded in Test

Tracking tool JIRA or Quality Center.

2. Functional Test Execution and Load Test Execution will be conducted in different

cloud environment. Raised Test Defects will be assigned to respective product owners

to get it fixed.

3. Tested functionality will be given to Business Users to verify and confirm expected

functionalities. Testers will provide needed support to Business Users to complete this.

Tested areas will be moved to production application.

4. Test Library and Test Lab will be maintained to track history and current Test

Scenarios, Test Scripts and Test Results.

Ensuring Application Quality

Testing as a service we as testers reduce product owners and business application users

testing time. Oracle Fusion Functional Testers participate in all testing processes,

testing cycles to get testing faster and increase productivity. Oracle Load Testing and

Oracle Fusion Cloud Testing ensure application meets organisation quality

requirements and business needs.

Key Benefits

1. Web based testing in private cloud environment.

2. Test Library Management with history Test Scenarios, Test Scripts and Test Results.

3. Integration Testing for EBS, Siebel, Fusion, JD Edwards Enterprise One, PeopleSoft and

Hyperion Applications.

4. Integration testing with Oracle BI Publisher for reporting.

Oracle Cloud Types of Testing

1. Oracle Functional Testing

2. Oracle Cloud Regression Testing

3. Oracle Integration Testing

4. Oracle Cloud Automated Testing

5. Oracle Fusion Testing

Oracle Cloud Testing Tools

Testers has capability to provide Oracle Cloud Automated Testing based on demand.

Testers have already worked in Oracle EBS Test Automation Tools also.

Oracle Modules Tested

1. Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management

2. Oracle Fusion Payroll

3. Oracle Fusion Finance

Oracle Fusion Tester Profile

Click Here to download and refer Tester’s Profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are different types of Oracle Functional Testing is executed?

Oracle Testers will provide support through out end to end project implementation. Testers do System Testing, System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Oracle Integration Testing and so on.

Do you support Oracle Cloud Automated Testing?

Yes. Testers support Oracle Cloud Automated Testing. Oracle Cloud testing tools are used suitably.

In which modules in Oracle Cloud the Testers are expert?

Testers are expert in Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Will the Testers work in Contractor or Freelancer role?

Yes. The Testers will be interested to work in Contractor or Freelancer role.

How to connect with Testers to proceed with hiring process?

Please click here to download tester’s profile to proceed with your discussion.