Cloud Based Micro Finance Software

SASHITEK has developed a cloud based software for microfinance loan services like for

small, medium and big companies.

This micro finance management software will help you to track gold loan, chit fund,

property and agriculture loans and other small services.

Key Features

Web or Cloud based application

Highly Secured Data Architecture

Attractive User Interface

Easily to Integrate with 3rd Party Applications



Customer Loan Details

Payday Loan Details

Chit Accounts – Member Details

Microfinance Software Free Download

To download this software for specific period please contact +91 80955 25000 or or contact us for additional details.

Technology Used

Oracle APEX Freelancers have developed this application. Oracle Application Express is

is a web based software development environment that runs on an Oracle database.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of loans are managed using this Micro Finance Management Software?

This is best and cheap cloud based online software. Using this you can manage mortgage loan, auto or vehicle loan, property loan, agriculture loan services.

Do we need to buy license for this software?

No. It is open source software.

Can I integrate this software with other softwares?

Yes. You can integrate this software with other softwares.

How can I see demo of this software?

You have 1 month free demo. Please contact or whatsapp +91 80955 25000 for more details.