PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM)

PeopleSoft applications address complex business requirements by providing business solutions, enables organizations to minimize cost and increase productivity.

With over 10 years of experience, Sashitek provides world-class solutions around PeopleSoft.
We provide comprehensive solutions and help our clients meet their business requirements. While focussing on quality, we make the process as simple as possible.

 We help define a long-term strategy to help our clients reap the benefits from their investment in PeopleSoft. We have the best technology and experienced professionals to offer our clients the services they need from implementation to maintenance. Sashitek offers all the services anyone would expect from a company like ours.

 We deliver services to our clients across various domains that includes HRM, Finance, Supply Chain Management, etc. Our experience with PeopleSoft allows us to align our clients’ business goals with the industry best practices

What we offer at Sashitek? 

  • Well experienced PeopleSoft Developers to help with implementation, data migration and maintenance.
  • We provide the best support to implement PeopleSoft which in turn will help organizations increase productivity by multiple folds.
  • We make sure PeopleSoft is integrated with Oracle Application Suite and other third-party products to allow for automated business interactions.
  • We offer product training, application hosting, application support and maintenance services.

Position Management


PeopleSoft HRMS (Human Resources Management System) allows us to execute common HR tasks like creating new positions in the database. The HR team that has access to the open position details will create new positions, which can be viewed in the “View Position” page. They can then post positions through job portals using the Talent Management Team. When a candidate applies for an open position, the recruiter can schedule an interview as per their organization policy. PeopleSoft HRMS will help automate the whole talent management process thereby saving the HR department a lot of time. Following are things that the PeopleSoft HRMS system will help us with.

  • Create new job openings
  • Search for and screen applicants
  • Manage interviews
  • Prepare successful interviewees for hire

Workforce Administration

Workforce Administration (WFA) is a module that contains all HR transactions and employee data. Following are some of the major transactions the records include.

Hire | Rehire | Personal data | Job data | Promotion | Pay rate change | Resignation | Termination

Self Service Transactions

Self service transactions help the Talent Management Team to update the following.


  • Approve resignation
  • Review Job Abandonment
  • Full Time / Part time Changes
  • Employee Address Change Approval
  • Name Change Approval

North American Payroll


Payroll of North America provides IT managers and the payroll staff certain tools to compute earnings, taxes and other deductions. It will also help them report payroll data and maintain balances. It will let them group their workforce and decide when they wish to pay them. This system will help with the following,


  • Calculate gross-to-net pay
  • Leave accruals
  • Calculate retroactive pay

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