Textile Management System

Textile management services for the smooth management and regulation of the inventory and accounts


Sashitek’s Textile Management System offers a cloud-based solution for all types of Textile manufacturing sectors. Our intuitive, responsive, and elegant ERP system ensures that your business operations are successfully executed. SASHITEK ERP system matches the precise functionality required to meet your most pressing business and technical needs, with teams, vendors, manufacturers, and production sites spread all over. Our Textile Management System will take care of all your needs when it comes to the textile industry by offering applications for production, sales & marketing, quality, human resources, and maintenance.


  • Sashitek’s Textile Management System increases efficiency, brings down lead time, enables cost control, helps purchase, production cycles, reduces wastage and enhances sourcing & the supply chain.
  • Factories, offices and users can access information in real-time from anywhere, through a web browser.
  • Our system will track any change or progress in the business by keeping records and creating real-time reports.
  • It will make it easier to track technical errors.
  • Our system will reduce operation costs.


Billing Features

Better security

Purchase Management

Track materials by batch/lot number


Barcode Management

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