Biometric Attendance System Dealer Installation

SASHITEK is expert in Biometric Access Control System Installation. We can connect

installed biometric machine to your computer and mobile to view the report.

Biometric Technology Advantages

It provides extra security. As fingerprints are unique and is an unrepeatable

characteristic in each person, the level of security it offers is maximum. The

maintenance cost is low.

Biometric Enabled System Software

SASHITEK provide support to develop and implement biometric enabled system


Biometric Types Installed

Fingerprint, Facial, Iris, Keystroke and etc.,

Contact Details

Contract Kumaresan at +91 80955 25000 or to get above service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which locations SASHITEK provides biometric services?

SASHITEK provides biometric services in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, OOty and other multiple locations.

How to connect with SASHITEK experts?

Please click here to get contact details.

What are the sectors SASHITEK provides support?

Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare and many more..

What type of biometrics SASHITEK install and support?

Fingerprint, Facial, Iris, Keystroke and etc.,